Runs for 30 days each month at all locations. Changes every 1st of the month. Coupons not required. Print or digital coupons cannot be used in addition to this promo. *Note: Some promos are run for 2 consecutive months.
December 2018 - $4 Montreal Style Poutine

$4 Montreal Style Poutine: All month long, enjoy our delicious poutine – savoury gravy with hot wedge fries, and squeaky mozzarella curds! Craving bacon on top? Add for only $1 more!

Runs 7 days per week. Something different to enjoy every day, for less!
$5 Sandwich Lunch Special

$5 Sandwich Lunch Special

All 7 days of the week, between 11AM and 3PM, you can get ANY one of our hot and fresh chicken sandwiches or wraps for only $5!


Need a little something extra to nosh on? Pair your sandwich with a drink and fries for only $3.30 extra.

Not sure which one to choose? It doesn’t matter, you can try one every day of the week!

  • Wing-on-a-Bun: Chicken on a kaiser bun, and your choice of sauce/seasoning.
  • Memphis: Chicken with creamy & crunchy coleslaw on a kaiser bun, with your choice of sauce/seasoning.
  • Caesar: Chicken with romaine lettuce, caesar dressing and your choice of parmesan, bacon or both!
  • Smiley: Chicken on garlic bread with cheese, ranch sauce, and your choice of sauce or seasoning.
  • Chicken Parmesan: Chicken on garlic bread with cheese, marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese.
  • Caesar Wrap: Chicken bites with romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesan, bacon or both on a white tortilla wrap.
  • Buffalo Wrap: Chicken bites with romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesan, bacon or both on a white tortilla wrap, with two lines of your choice of sauce.

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Wing-on-a-Bun Sandwich
Buffalo Wrap
Memphis Sandwich
Caesar Sandwich
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Smiley Sandwich

Half Price Snack of the Day

Half Price Snack of the Day

Order a delicious snack (or two) any day of the week for half price! Try something new every day of the week. Your tastebuds will be delighted!

Day Snack Price Regular Price Large
Monday Spicy Perogies $3.39 $4.99
Tuesday Mac N’ Cheese Wedges $3.39 $4.99
Wednesday Breaded Pickles $3.39 $4.99
Thursday Cheesy Perogies $3.39 $4.99
Friday Lemon Pepper Fries
(Family: $5.65)
$2.40 $3.75
Saturday Cajun Onion Rings $2.74 $3.39
Sunday Coleslaw (One Size) $1.65
Google Review 10% Off

Google Review 10% Off

  • Leave a review on Google for your favourite store location you intend to order from
  • Call or visit your favourite WingsUp! to order, and show your Google review on your mobile device to the
    cashier or delivery driver to get your discount. The cashier or driver will verify your name on the review, and that
    it was done recently (within the past 30 days). Please ensure your Google review name and photo matches
  • One-time discount of 10% off will then be applied as a thank you for your loyalty!

*One coupon per order, per customer. Coupon cannot be used via online ordering. Must be verified by cashier or
driver to redeem.

*Applicable only at Burlington and Hamilton locations.