About Us



WingsUp! is the fastest growing Canadian chicken wing franchise offering takeout, delivery, and catering with dine-in and eat-in bar seating available at select locations. We specialize in 100% fresh, never frozen chicken that is hand cut, freshly battered & breaded then cooked to order. No heat lamps or heating trays. No additives or fillers. Only real chicken with exceptional taste.

To complement our mouth-watering wings, boneless chicken bites and sandwiches, we also offer savoury appetizers, fresh greens and hot sides to complete the experience. Our food is not fast - it's fresh, and always worth the wait!

Our wings are loved for their taste and quality - from our very own batter mix blend of spices, to our 18 sauce and seasoning flavours, right down to the finishing touches, we truly have the recipe to treat you!



Previously known as "The Incredible Wing Ding", we rebranded to WingsUp! in 1999, to signify the popular saying that's spoken through every WingsUp! kitchen, when a delicious basket of wings is finished to perfection.

We've been in operation since 1988 where we first opened our doors in Milton, Ontario, and have grown to 14 locations since then (with more growth to come) and are a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association, and members at a few of our local Chambers.



"Our mission is to provide every customer with a truly fresh and satisfying, comfort food experience. Our goal is to turn every customer into a loyal enthusiast, by ensuring our food and service makes them feel amazing!"



  • PASSION for making the best tasting, flavourful food that customers love
  • RESPECT customers time by providing food quickly, and accurately
  • COMPASSION through genuine customer service and care
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE for customers to enjoy our food, anywhere
  • FAMILY — where every employee and franchisee belongs