16th WingsUp! location brings great food and customer service to west-end Kitchener

Today, Hemant Patel opened his second WingsUp! franchise, adding to his Waterloo location with a new spot in Kitchener’s west end.

His story begins back in 2013, when Hemant immigrated to Canada from India with his family. Like many newcomers, he brought significant business skills and knowledge with him but needed Canadian work experience. Hemant began working in fast food, quickly learning the ropes and getting acquainted with his new country.

A few years of long days led to a fork in the road for Hemant: should he keep serving sandwiches and slices or become his own boss and take a flier on a different kind of opportunity?

“I thought, let’s try something new,” he said.

Hemant took over the Waterloo WingsUp! location in 2017 and quickly gained a reputation for great food and customer service. It continued to grow quickly even through the last two years thanks to strong support from head office and WingsUp!’s model, which keeps the focus on food and quick service.

“Darren, the CEO, has taught me a lot, and I’ve learned a lot working in the last few years,” Hemant said. “Even the pandemic didn’t slow things down. Our existing location has remained strong and stable with no issues.”

When it came time to expand WingsUp!’s presence in the Tri-City area, Hemant and his family were top of the list thanks to the great job they have done in Waterloo. They quickly said yes to a second location.

The Highland Rd. location is the third location in the Kitchener area and 16th overall for WingsUp!, the fastest growing Canadian chicken wing franchise. This new location is expected to employ up to 20 people and is still hiring.

Pop by and see Hemant at 188 Highland Rd. W in Kitchener if you’re in the neighbourhood and looking for a bite to eat (he recommends the honey garlic parmesan or dry cajun wings and chicken bites), employment, or to learn more about his story.

“Small or big, no matter the issue, the WingsUp! head office is always supportive,” he said. “I love to work with WingsUp!”

Now offering Free Delivery within each location's delivery range.