Enjoy a WingsUp! Classic for $3.33 on #NationalSandwichDay

Enjoy a WingsUp! Classic for $3.33 on #NationalSandwichDay

We’ve been making chicken sandwiches since before it was cool.

There are lots of choices nowadays if you want to get yourself a chicken sandwich. Grilled, breaded, or even with chicken where the bread should be. You’ve got a lot of options and it can be hard to pick!

We want to make your decision a little easier.

At WingsUp!, chicken is our specialty. We serve fresh, not frozen, Canadian chicken at our locations across Southern Ontario in the form of wings, boneless bites, wraps, and, yes, as sandwiches.

We actually launched a chicken sandwich in 1988 (way before it was cool) and have been making them ever since. In fact, it’s one of our most popular menu items. Recently, you might’ve known it by the name “Wing-On-A-Bun”.

But, y’know, some people found that name confusing. We get it. So, for fans of “Wing-On-A-Bun”, we’re keeping the sandwich but ditching the name. Going forward we’re calling it the WingsUp! Classic, a name that reflects just how long we’ve been making a great tasting chicken sandwich.

Everything else stays the same: it’s still a delicious, hand-breaded chicken breast on a fresh, local Kaiser bun, and it’s still made to order every time. You can still pick between 18 difference sauces or seasonings – how’s that for choice?

But wait! There’s more!

Today, as we’re sure you’re already aware, is #NationalSandwichDay, commemorating one of the world’s greatest lunchtime inventions. And maybe all those #funfacts about the WingsUp! Classic has you thinking about dropping in for a bite. If so, good news: to celebrate #NationalSandwichDay, the WingsUp! Classic will be on sale for just $3.33. 

No need to thank us. Just thank John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich and absolute genius.

If a sandwich sounds great but you’re thinking you need a little something extra to get you through #NationalSandwichDay grab our Weekly Sandwich Drop for just $7.99. Each week, it’s a different sandwich paired with wedges and a canned drink.

This week, we’re featuring the Smiley Sandwich: a tender chicken breast on cheesy garlic bread, tossed with your choice of sauce or seasoning. Details always on our website or in restaurant.

Or grab two WingsUp! Classic sandwiches and pocket the change – hey, we won’t judge!

However you decide to enjoy #NationalSandwichDay, we hope it is equal parts delicious and convenient!

To find a WingsUp! restaurant near you, visit wingsup.com/Locations.