NEW! WingsUp! Chicken Fingers

Today, we are introducing a new menu item, Chicken Fingers!

We don’t bring on new items too often. We like to keep our menu simple to not bombard our guests with too many choices. We have this same philosophy with sauces: there will never be 100+ options at our locations. Sometimes too much choice is well…. Too much choice!

But through the extensive testing of our new Chicken Fingers, it would have been criminal not to bring these onto our menu, they are delicious!

What do we love about them from an operations standpoint? To make them, we don’t have to add any additional products to our supply chain. We use the same fresh chicken as we do for our bites and sandwiches, and the chicken fingers go through a similar breading process. Again, all with products we already have in house!

We believe our guests will love these, especially Mom & Dad who are craving wings and have little ones who are picky eaters.  Chicken Fingers are the go-to default in those situations, right? Fingers for the kids, wings for the parents.  But let’s be honest, a lot of us are still kids at heart and want to order the chicken fingers as well! Hey, no judgment here.

We really believe in this product, because they are unique to other fingers and tenders on the market. The biggest differentiators are:

- 100% Fresh, Never Frozen Canadian Chicken
- Hand Cut/Hand Breaded 
- Made Fresh to Order
- No Filler, No Additives

Our Chicken Fingers come with wedges, and your choice of sauce from our lineup of wing sauces for dipping.  You can customize them even further by adding Cajun or Lemon Pepper. Available in Regular (3 piece) and Large (5 piece)

Give them a try today.