Covid-19: Temporary changes to our chicken sourcing
Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we’ve made changes to our chicken sourcing throughout the pandemic.

To ensure we are able to fulfill our promise of only serving fresh never frozen Canadian chicken at all our restaurants across Ontario, we’ve needed to source chicken from an expanded list of suppliers.

We monitor our supply closely and continue to work to ensure we are sourcing fresh chicken only from Canadian farmers, with the continued goal that our guests will not experience any difference in the taste and quality of our chicken products, and that chicken we source is raised in accordance with Canadian regulatory standards.

We maintain the taste and quality of our chicken can only be achieved while using fresh, never frozen products so we’ve committed to stay true to what we believe is our biggest differentiation.

While we are proud to have kept all our locations open and serving fresh chicken throughout the pandemic, this hasn’t come without its challenges. 

Demand for fresh chicken has been at a record high across Canada, and provincial supply disruptions have created a challenging environment. In order to stay true to our commitment to fresh Canadian chicken, we’ve experienced increased variability in the sizing of wings provided to our guests. While we are satisfied with the quality of our chicken, we understand that the varying sizes may be different from what our guests are used to. 

We apologize for any frustration it has caused and appreciate your understanding as we navigate this evolving situation.

We aim to return to the consistent number of wings per pound that you know and love across all our stores as soon as possible.