Our Menu in 2022
Demand for fresh chicken has been at a record high across Canada, and provincial supply disruptions have created a challenging environment. Rising food inflation has affected restaurants, grocery stores and consumers alike.

The cost of fresh chicken, specifically chicken wings, has risen at a record rate throughout the pandemic, and at the current state there is no relief in immediate sight. While we have held off as long as we can, in order to stay true to our commitment to fresh Canadian chicken, we will be increasing the prices of our chicken wings as of January 10th 2022.

We maintain that the taste and quality of our chicken can only be achieved while using fresh, never frozen chicken so we’ve committed to stay true to what we believe is our biggest differentiation.

While it has become a necessity to increase prices of our chicken wings, we have seen less inflation in the cost of fresh chicken breast, because of this, we will not be increasing the price of our boneless bites.

If you haven’t tried our bites before, they are prepared the same as our wings. Fresh, never frozen Canadian chicken, hand breaded, hand cut, and made fresh to order, and you choose from the same sauce and seasoning options as you do with wings.

Bites Image

As we plan to showcase our bites to more of our guests, we will be introducing a new lineup of sizes, giving you more ways to try them. We’ll also be adding more bites deals to our deals page, and we’ve carried over our popular Big Bites Buddy Bundle from our December Deals Menu into January and beyond.

As we continue to evaluate our menu on an ongoing basis, we’re always looking for ways to add more value for our guests. As a result we will be decreasing the price of 3 of our appetizers. 

• Breaded Pickles
• Spicy Perogies
• Cheesy Perogies

Making the “hey honey should we get an app?” decision a little easier.

In an ideal scenario we would not want to increase any of our prices for our guests, however to continue to serve the fresh, never frozen quality chicken you’re used to as we navigate this evolving situation, these are the steps we need to take at this time.

We appreciate your time and hope to see you again soon.