Local Chicken Wing Chain mirrors Delivery Fee to current Gas Prices

The day starts like any other day, the sun is shining, you’re driving along listening to your favourite mixtape, sunglasses on, thinking about that awesome thing you did back in highschool. Times are good, you’re smiling without a care in the world, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Suddenly, the dreaded “Low Fuel” icon flashes across your dashboard, and you immediately ask yourself “why?” It feels like it popped up just yesterday? You grip the steering wheel a little tighter, start to drive a little slower, a nervous sweat begins as you realize there is no avoiding it, you need a fill up.

Driving towards the station, you see the big sign peer around the corner, displaying those rising gas prices boldly in the rigid red font. Reluctantly you pull into the station, put the nozzle into your gas tank and watch those numbers climb like you’ve never seen before. 

Does this sound familiar? Have you felt the pain at the pump? 

WingsUp! is trying to help alleviate that pain and make delivery more affordable.  Every Monday, the price for a litre of gas at a local station will replace the delivery fee at WingsUp! for that week.

WingsUp! specializes in delivery of fresh, never frozen, hand breaded, made to order chicken wings, boneless bites and sandwiches. Treat yourself to the best wings in town from the comfort of your own home. The gas price for the week will be announced on Monday mornings on their website, Facebook and Instagram. It will also appear on the online ordering page at checkout.

There are 20 WingsUp! locations. Find the one closest to you and order now to get your delivery for the price of 1 litre of gas.

Exclusively available through order.wingsup.com by calling your local location.

Stay at home and let WingsUp! do the driving for you.