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WingsUp! chicken drumsticks are chicken leg pieces that are larger than our classic wings, hand breaded and cooked to golden crispy deliciousness, then sauced or seasoned the way you love – just like our chicken wings! If you’re a fan of our wings, and craving a little something different, give a Drumstick Meal (comes in Reg, Med or Lrg sizes) a try that includes fries, veggies, dip, and a portion of drums to suit your craving, starting at only $9.49!

This month only, buy any drumstick order, and get a second drumstick order, at only HALF PRICE!

If you love non-vegetarian food, you must be a fan of chicken wings; at least that’s what the statistics say. Whether loaded with barbeque sauce, or served with spicy chili, chicken wings are hard to resist. A number of cities in the country and even overseas serve delicious chicken wings in bistros that you need to try!

The bone-in wings are dominating the market and make up 64 percent or 1.1 billion servings as reported by firm NPD Group, based in Port Washington, New York, in a report titled “The Chicken Wing Dilemma.” However, boneless wings still make up a large portion of the market and are substitute choice for those who do not enjoy bone-in wings.

Boneless wings have continued to become more popular amongst consumers, which in turn has caused restaurants to shift some promotional focus to them. These wings are a fun option because although they’re not wings in the traditional sense, they still are accompanied by all the great flavours of bone-in chicken wings while having the look and feel of chicken nuggets.

Today, there are many different flavours and types of prepared wings (flats, drumsticks or whole wings) available in both bone-in and boneless wings. Flavours include bbq chicken wings, cauliflower wings, sweet-and-sour wings, honey mustard wings, and so many more. New types and flavours are being invented all the time to cash in on the chicken wing craze.

Chicken wings and Drumsticks are a game-day staple adored by many people for their crispy texture and juicy, tender meat. Chicken wings are one of the most popular foods to scarf down while watching a football or hockey game. They’re easy to share, pair really well with beer, and have become a cultural tradition.

Chicken Wings and beer are practically synonymous with football and hockey, and the growing popularity in the last few years in particular, has led more and more restaurants to sell them, often as part of a promotional deal on game days or as a weekly event.

It’s a clear fact that many people love wings, and the data backs it up — the NPD Group had stated that North Americans ate more than one billion orders of wings from restaurants between June 2016 and June 2017. Customers are purchasing more frozen wings to make at home, too.

Drumsticks are a popular appetizer and snack food that are fried and then coated with a thick sauce of your choice. When fried, the wings take on a decidedly different taste and tend to be greasier.

Drumsticks are relatively high in protein. One drumstick will have upwards of twenty grams of protein, depending on the size of the drumstick and if you eat the skin (which does contain some protein).

Drumsticks are relatively low in cholesterol, with about twenty three grams in each drumstick. Without batter, they are free of carbohydrates. Chicken wings also contain potassium and iron.

The New York-styled spicy wings, specifically bbq chicken wings, are tossed in tamarind chilli sauce and beer cheese, and served with cheese and onion dip. Ahh!! We’re salivating just at the thought of it.

Another variety of bbq chicken wings is the juicy chicken that is glazed with honey and tossed in a tangy barbeque sauce. These can be a perfect combination of the sweet and spicy type, if you are too afraid to try the other two.

For those of you not really interested in the non-vegetarian category and have always wanted a vegetarian option for chicken wings, fear not. You can now try the cauliflower wings, which is a great vegetarian option for chicken wings that still offer great taste. Cauliflower is so versatile, and the recipe surprisingly turns similar to chicken wings, again the perfect little bite for game days or on any day of the year.

The cauliflower wings are first coated in a thick batter of flour, plant-based milk and seasoning. After being baked once, the cauliflower florets are tossed in a barbeque sauce and then baked crispy.

Such is the craze of wings that it has spurred an expansion of themed restaurants and lead pizzerias, sandwich shops and grocery stores to add these items to their offerings.

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