WingsUp! Who are we,
and what do we stand for?


Well, our name really does sum it up. We’re gourmet chicken specialists who are passionate about making the very best, most mouth watering gourmet chicken and appetizers in the city (heck, in the country!).
If we had one word that described WingsUp! as a company it would be fresh! Fresh ideas, a fresh team and of course, incredibly fresh, delicious food!


From all of our chicken items, to our salads and signature
sauces, we only use the freshest, best ingredients
available. Our gourmet chicken wings start with fresh,
never frozen wings. Our chicken Buffalo Bites
start out as whole, skinless, boneless chicken breast and we hand cut, dip and flour them when you place your order.


Our wing and dipping sauces are all made from exclusive, unique and mouthwateringly addictive recipes. And you guessed it, they’re made from the freshest, most flavourful ingredients (one day when we have more time we’ll tell you how our Jamaican Hot Sauce is made from peppers flown in directly from Jamaica!).


We’ve been called fresh freaks (and we love it). Our ‘out of this world’ coleslaw and salads are cut fresh daily. Even our carrot and celery sticks start whole and are peeled and cut fresh daily.


Yeah, really, it’s all that fresh and it all tastes that fantastic!

Fast WingsUp!

Proudly 100% Canadian!

First store:
Opened in Milton, 1988

Dining Options:
Takeout or Delivery

President’s Favourite Wing Sauce:
Sweat n’ Bullets

Number of stores:
9 and growing

Number of passionate people working at WingsUp!:
116 (will you be next?)