Best in Town Chicken Sandwiches for $6.99

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Chicken SandwichWhat’s new at WingsUp!? Let’s just say we’re busy making mouths water and wallets smile as we continue our 2 Best in Town Chicken Sandwiches for $6.99 Deal for the whole month of June!

All month long come in and sink your teeth into the sauciest, most delicious sandwich in town!

What makes our chicken sandwiches so incredibly amazing? Well, other than the crazy low price this month, it’s how we make ’em that sets them apart:

Steps to making a WingsUp! Best in Town Chicken Sandwich:

1. Start with fresh, never frozen whole chicken breast
2. Hand cut
3. Hand dip in our special WingsUp! recipe
4. Cook to perfection
5. Drench in one of our house made, one of a kind WingsUp! sauces!

Until next time, go out and grab one of our sandwiches, you’ll love them!

CEO and Huge Chicken Sandwich Fan!

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